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    What are some topics that you all would be interested in talking about?
    My name is Anthony Scolaro I am the chef/owner at 111 Bistro in medina and Trio in tremont.
    I think one thing to maybe start the conversation would be to discuss some ways to help you make educated choices when dining out. Espescially att 111 or other establishments.
    Throw out some questions and we can get talking. Looking forward to adding input and helping out where I can.

    • Anthony, what are your favorite herbs to use to help add flavor if we’re trying to go low salt?

      • I think it depends on the dish or time of year. For me heavy herbs like sage, rosemary, thyme are all great for hearty dishes that can be cooked and reduced such as soups and stews.
        Finer herbs such as basil, chive, cilantro, parsley ect. Are great for adding a ton of flavor at the end of a dish. Fresh herbs should always be added toward the end of cooking or mixed in fresh to finish. These will as a lot of flavor and reduce the urge to salt.
        If you’re true to go lower sodium there are other ingredients that you can also use that will season your food and also add other flavors as well such as a low sodium soy sauce. This can be added to a dish and season and flavor at the same time while not needing to add additional salt.

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